The history of maple syrup

History of maple syrup

An almost sacred nectar whose discovery dates back to Native American tribes. The settlers called this Indians molasses. The presented products are specially selected maple products from a maple producer with over five generations of family transfered knowledge. The Pollender family co-owner of the Pic du Bois Chalet located in the Eastern Townships in Quebec.

Where is maple syrup produced in Québec?

Southern Quebec produces on average 87% of the global maple production annually.
The Eastern Townships is the second most productive region of Quebec.

Why Quebec produces maple syrup?

Everything starts with the change in climate. Throughout the photosynthesis period, maple produces starch which will be used as food during our long winter in Quebec. When the temperature reaches -21 celsius degrees, starch explodes and produces a juice.

When the first spring temperatures arrive, the sap flow occurs. The phenomenon of the sap run is a variation of freezing and thawing. Under the effect of the branches freezing faster than the trunk it creates a suction effect. When the thawing starts the pressure in the trunk creates a sap flow.

How sap becomes maple syrup?

Maple sap is accumulated drop by drop by the traditional method in buckets hanging from trees or a more modern technology through pipes that carry the sap directly to the sugar shack. The technique is simple you must evaporate the sap until it concentrates and becomes maple syrup, when the temperature reaches 107 celsius degrees the syrup is just perfect. It takes on average 40 liters of maple water to 1 liter of maple syrup.

What causes the different categories and flavors of maple syrup?

Everything starts with the spring temperatures, when the climate starts getting over the 4-5 degrees Celsius. Conservation of the sap is perfect since sap contains billions of bacteria and when the temperature gets warmer this will cause a start of fermentation of the sap before cooking which will cause a color change in the maple syrup, giving a more amber color and going from a maple flavor to a more caramelized flavor.

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